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I like the features. Wish it had two tuners though. http://interact-tv.com/products.php http://www.wired.com/news/technology...,59690,00.html Anyone buy one yet? Does watching a DVD while it's recording a show drag down performance (assuming this is possible)? Is there an instant replay button on the remote? Thanks!
Has anyone tried the URC-6131 remote with an older ReplayTV (3060)? Thanks!
Thanks for the quick reply (and for the pointers to the disk images). I don't think there's much chance that heat is the problem. The unit performed fine over the summer and now that it's the dead of winter here the ambient temperature is a few degrees lower. It looks like a replacement drive is going to cost me about $100. Is there some way I can do diagnostics on the drive before I go down that path? I'm not all that keen on buying a new drive, tearing apart the...
I'm trying to help a friend diagnose a problem with his Replay. Does anyone recognize these symptoms? If so, any suggestions? He's tried calling Sonic Blue for support but "due to the high call volume blah blah blah...". Problem Description: '...the screen does a quick vertical roll, in green, then quickly goes to "Please Wait a Few Moments". It then goes to the Replay logo and "Some TVs Have All the Fun". The channel banner then comes up as if it's going to...
New Posts  All Forums: