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I'm concerned about The Birds, which is filled with optical effects awaiting to be grain-managed.
Yes, I popped it in and while I did not view it from beginning to end, it is no longer summing the channels to the center speaker with Dolby ProLogic decoding of the 2.0 mix. There is now a nice stereo soundstage with some subtle surround, as it should be. Hope to watch it all soon.
Rec'd the replacement disc for Three Colors "White." Note pressing info on disc by the running time.Attachment 233925
Looks like it's just rolled out.Attachment 233478
If they port it over as is, that would be wonderful. It looks absolutely fabulous. No improvement required on the visual side IMHO.
I rec'd an email update from Jon Mulvaney today that the corrected discs for the Three Colors "White" disc are in. Drop him an email for details if you haven't already at mulvaney@criterion.com
I personally have never used a lens cleaner on my CD, DVD or blu-ray players, and with the exception of a cheapie DVD player made in China, every single player dating back to 1987 is still working.Just maintain a dust-free, well-ventilated environment and you should never have to clean a player - other than wiping down the exterior every now and then.Very sensitive things in there - especially blu-ray - and you don't want to do more harm than good...and the PS3 is...
Here's a great interview which goes into considerable detail about this, the state of catalog titles and physical media, etc.
I sent an email to Jon Mulvaney. Replacement discs for "White" should be available shortly according to the reply I rec'd a few weeks ago.
I didn't see that on my copy on my Panny plasma with 0 overscan. Will check on the projector this week, but I think that's on the screen cap pics, not on the blu-ray.
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