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I think don't know there was a new update. Had the tv off all day., m801, just turned it on and the was a pop up telling me it already downloaded an update and indeed to pair the remote. WIFI Woo-hoo!
Thanks that was it. Not sure how those zones got turned on.
On my second 3313 since September. First one continually turned on and off by itself. Now six weeks into the second one I can't figure out how to make turn off at all. Attempting to turn it off only provides a front display saying main zone off but the receiver still is actually on. Did I accidentally change a setting to make this happen? How do I get it to actually turn all the way off?
While you are there Ask them when they will start broadcasting true HD on their HD channel.
Does anyons have any issues turning the tv on? I have the 80 and use a logitec remote. Sometimes I cant get the tv to turn on with either the logitec or the tv remote. I havent found an on/off button ON the tv so I have to unplug it to reset the tv and get the remote to work.
I checked on Onkyo 's website and see this... . . HDMI Support for 3D, Audio Return Channel and CEC..... . ......nr-818 has no check mark on the compare button but the 828 is checked.. Is 3D pass through supported on the 818? And does it also support arc?
Delaware and some other states have no sales tax.
Ordered the m801 from the Costco app yesterday with the $200 rebate. Still had my browser open to the Costco web page for this tv and see that the rebate is now $400. We also grabbed a full motion mount for $75 after a $50 rebate. Guess I'll call about that extra $200.
Who told you BB Is about to fold or did you make that up.
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