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Everyone. I just talked with people at WDAY about having 5.1 Dolby Digital sound instead of just broadcasting a 2.0 signal. The engineers that I talked to said that WDAY is lacking the equipment to properly broadcast the ABC 5.1 signal. Please send e-mail to mprather@wday.com to ask him to upgrade the WDAY equipment. Thanks, Brian
I'm so sick of listening to NBC without surround. Would others please send e-mail to hdtv@kvlytv11.com and ask for a fix? They're tired of hearing from me. Thanks, Brian
Can someone explain how to hear the audio for the "in-movie experience" clips? I have a Sony BDP-S350. When I turn on the "in-movie experience" I see the picture-in-picture, but no audio. Thanks.
Too bad they didn't get it online for the BSG finale. I'm sort of going to miss UHD. The only basic cable station that shows R-rated movies uncut. But, I watch USA-HD more. Anyone know if USA-HD zooms and stretches 4:3 content or if they show in OAR?
Great idea. You should send this idea to Charley Johnson. When they timeshift this programming, they record on some ancient tape based system. Anyone want to chip in to buy KVLY a TiVo HD so they record in HD and rebroadcast.
Great link on positioning your antenna for optimal DTV reception. http://arstechnica.com/media/news/20...itch-looms.ars
KVLY is currently broadcasting in 3.0 (LCR). According to Doug Jensen at KVLY, "NBC recently upgraded our distribution. They don't supply the metadata to run 5.1 Dolby. When that happens, it defaults to 3/0. Hopefully, they will get that corrected in the coming months."I hope as well. When 3.0 is sent, my receiver won't engage anymore processing. It would be better if they sent the 2.0 since the surround channel would be mixed in.
I've been noticing that many shows on my NBC stations are in 3.0. Shows like the Earl, the Office, Crusoe and ER. Is this supposed to be this way, or has my local affiliate messed up the transmission?
I would urge anybody who has DirectTV or Dish Network to spend $30-50 (if you can) and add an antenna to their roof. I've noticed some interesting amplified antennas in Fleet Farm that mount to the side of the house. I generally recommend staying away from antennas specifically marketed as "HD", but if it sucks, return it. Large UHF multidirectional will work the best in Fargo. Fleet Farm or Menards is a good cheap source for antennas.
Or it has the same firmware as another model with at QAM tuner. There may be a reason why you got such a good deal on this TV.
New Posts  All Forums: