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Check out http://brian.glaeske.name/ht/Fargo-HDTV/index.html for the latest information on current broadcast status in Fargo/Moorhead. Note: This thread is also serving the Grand Forks, ND market as well. Please send me a private message for any specific updates you would like to see about the status of GF HD. --- For all those lurking around the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN area who are chomping at the bit for a little bit of HDTV, then I have good news and bad...
This will work. Regardless of whether it is using the modem to connect, if there is a live network port, the software will request an IP address via DHCP. So you need to have a DHCP server running on your laptop. But this means that your laptop will need to be connected when the Replay reboots (I don't think it requests the address when a cable is plugged into it like a computer would.) Brian G.
The update to 5.1 was sort of a suprise. I never noticed that the replay rebooted or anything. So since my original post, I have rebooted a couple times and I have ran some tests, and I do believe that it is now working correctly. So perhaps the original problem was that the update didn't trigger a reboot for some reason on my machine. Who knows... Thanks for all of the suggestions and help. Brian G.
I was recently updated to the new Replay software (530510190) and now my CA (as well as the new Show|Nav) feature don't work worth a darn. Both features work fine at the beginning (2 minutes) of the program, but will always eventually skip to near the end of the program (around 58:00 on a 60 minute show). Now I know that CA is not guaranteed to work, but it used to work very good on most of the programs that I watch, and now it doesn't work at all. Has anyone else...
CableONE in Fargo, ND offers HBO-HD and Showtime-HD for the price of either of the "digital" packages. The catch... You must get their digital base service which is $46.45 + $5.00 for box rental ($46.45 includes the price of a normal digital box).
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