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Latest from Scott Geston of Cable ONE. As of midnight January 4th, KXJB and KVLY have demanded Cable One take off their HD signals. We had an agreement with the stations to carry these signals, however late last week they informed us they were denying the validity of our agreement. Despite this, we tried to negotiate to a new agreement, but KXJB/KVLY broke off negotiations. They refused to permit the HD signals to stay on while we attempted to work things out. Clearly,...
It seems like they should be mandated to be on the air with a HD signal by now. See this map.
As many of you might be aware, Hoak Media Corp and CableONE are in a dispute over the rebroadcast of KVLY and KXJB HD signals on Cable ONE. Hoak Media is pursuing compensation from Cable ONE. You can read the Forum's report on this dispute. You can also read Cable ONE's press release and KVLY/KXJB's release. In summary, Hoak Media's position is that the HD signals are a benefit to CableONE customers that helps Cable ONE sell their HD packages. Cable ONE does not...
Yes, it appears that some of them are showing up. 21-494 is Discovery-HD, 21-495 is National Geographic and 66-496 is H&G. Couldn't find A&E HD. Guess this means I'll have to give the CableCARD a try. Apparently a TiVo HD requires a CableCARD to get the guide data for the channel. It is $2.95/month from CableONE.
Yes. I finally saw that. Just got a TIVO-HD. Didn't realize I needed to get a CableCARD to make the TIVO-HD work well with cable. I can tune the stations, but no guide information. Makes a TIVO kinda useless. The nice thing about the TIVO is that it can mix OTA and cable stations (SD and HD) into the same guide. Does anyone know what CableONE charges for a Cable Card? Their site is a bit lacking.
Did CableONE in Fargo move ESPN-2 to the pay package? I can no longer tune ESPN-2 using my plain old QAM tuner.
I sent an inquiring a while back to Scott Geston, manager of Cable ONE in Fargo, about future updates to their programming. I also asked (or complained) about the Motorola box and Geston responded with:
I am using the internal QAM/ATSC/NTSC tuner of the A3000. The optical out of the TV is connected to the optical in of my A/V receiver and the I correctly get sound on all of the SD stations, but strange behavior on the HD stations. I get the whole if the channel is broadcasting 1.0, 2.0, etc. business. The problem is that many times I'm not hearing what is supposed to be heard. Most notably, the audio for Universal-HD is usually not present, except for what I hear...
I'm using the internal HD tuner on the A3000 with an older Pioneer A/V receiver. They are connected via the optical output of the TV. On certain stations at certain times I lose all 5 channels and the only thing I can hear is the .1 (or LFE) channel. If I use my external HD tuner also hooked up to the same receiver at the same time tuned to the same station, the audio is fine. What is wrong? Funny thing is, I've played with my the DSP effects of my receiver, and...
I did not not disable the overscan. I drove it at 1920x1024 (interlaced). All in all, I'm really happy with the geometry, especially compared to my previous Toshiba. Now if I can figure out this sound issue. It happens on a variety of stations and material. I sometimes don't hear things on the Detroit-Minnesota game on FOX right now.
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