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It's fixed! Picture is good again. Just got an email back from WUSA9 Community Relations VP and the Engoneering Dept. It appears the problem was a Comcast one. The two concerns communicated with each other and the problem seems to have come clear while testing. I used to work in the communications industry and " came clear while testing" was a favorite way to clear out a trouble report. No blame here!
Re the channel 9 issue, I sent some pictures to WUSA9 this morning showing the problem. I have not heard anything back from Comcast about my trouble report. I was wondering if anybody with Directv saw the same thing? I'm not sure how the broadcasters feed the individual cable providers but it seems logical that just the feed to Comcast could be bad. All my other channels are crystal clear so why would it be Comcast?
Is anybody else seeing a problem with CBS last night and this morning? Something is wrong with their HDTV feed or it is Comcast (Frederick). Jagged edges, especially around banners, numbers and text. During the Ravens game, the scores were jagged, anything with numbers or text were screwed up but the faces and field were smooth. It shows on all my TVs and boxes so I suspect CBS or Comcast.
Hi guys, Been away for awhile, new hobbies taking up much time. So far, so good on my St30. Still using my same settings. I didn't know about a new update. Sounds like I should hold off. Looks like Chunon has been loyal to the thread and answering a lot of questions. Watch out for that Cobra guy, he's a latent calibrator, with meters bought on Craig's list, looking for a set of numbers to de-throne me. :). Jimmy
It is more likely Image Retention than Burn In. Your channel indicator wouldn't have been on that long. Just keep playing full screen material and it should go away.
D-Nice calibrated a panel for me last year. I had the same experience as you. It took about 3.5 hours of intensive work, checking and re-checking. I can't say enough to indicate my high regard for him. The man really knows his stuff, that's for sure. I hope he comes back to AVSF. He has more admirers on here than detractors, I'm positive.
I can't use any settings that don't consider upping BE. Just by starting with a BE of +4 and D-Nice's WB sets on mid panel, I can dial in all other settings to equal the PQ and "pop" of my pro calibrated set. In other words, the original, improperly named "Jimmy" settings give me the best bang for the effort. I did go back to warm 1 on the ST30 because my calibrated VT25 was just a tad warmer (actually calibrated to warm 2) then the ST set on normal. I've been really...
Yes, my 42" has done it from the first day. It is now 8 mos old. My lines are blue, flashes in from the right, mostly in a black margin, not so much on a full screen HD picture. Seems to be less with corrected calibration settings. Since I only watch HD stuff, it is not a factor. I like that my set does not have any other problems, I have been reluctant to call Panasonic and end up with a worse situation.
Thanks, I will try some of your settings and see what happens. I say "some" because I've been through the settings so many times during self calibrations ( the TV not me) that I know the limits of WB, contrast, brightness, color and tint on my particular set. However, your findings re HDMI content are interesting. I do not have a haze or degrading of the picture using Graphics. Others have reported such at times but then come back later to say they noticed they were...
I wold have advised her that many of Panasonic's retailers offer ISF calibration for an additional charge. Some will even recommend to get the most satisfaction from their new TV. I would then have asked her if a service bulletin to dealers and their service department, stating that ISF calibrations will cause loss of warranty. Sounds like a possible misinformed agent to me. But then again, anything is possible in this crazy industry.
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