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one other theory - the girl in the "video" - was she the sister of the Yellow King(Errol) ? her age would seem to align with the video tape in black/white
i wouldn't be opposed if the two leading FBI guys, who interviewed Marty & Rust, continued onto season 2. Unless of course the FBI agents were confined to just Louisana. But the series could follow the footsteps of the 2 agents, but they wouldn't have to be the "leading men"
were the tampons for his wife and (older) daughter? also, I thought the interviews were in 2010, and not present time ?
didn't she play the nanny in Hall Pass? she is amazingly hot
i'm just waiting for Root to barge in the room to rescue Finch and Shaw, I'm sure she found a way to get out of the cage she was kept in
well i did read that neither actress who played the wife and daughter will return, so it seems like the Brody story is over.
if Jessica Brody won't be on the show anymore since her husband was terminated, I will definitely miss seeing most of her
WOW no Brody, nor his wife and daughter going forward ( I read that neither actress will be a regular going forward), and possibly no Saul. Maybe Saul will be in some episodes, I wonder what his job in NYC is I'm curious how the show will go forward focusing on Carrie in Turkey/Middle East. I assume her father will adopt her daughter (surprised Carrie's sister didn't say she'd adopt the baby considering her father's and sister's ongoing battles with their disease). I...
the special forces team, were they CIA, Seals, etc ???
Dr Narcisse is being setup by the writers/producers as a mole for the FBI, I guess it took the murder of Knox to make Hoover go after the mafia. so where is Daughter ? they showed her signing at the end
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