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IR vanishes quickly for me too EXCEPT for the Xbox One logo on menus - beware of that nasty, nasty thing...
I've actually put mine on Craiglist once but took myself off the ledge. I still go back and forth once in awhile but I don't know what I would replace it with either... I expect IR but as others have stated my 7 year old 9UK had very little even with my HTPC and gaming habits.
I just checked the "other" site but don't see it Just anxious to try some high panel brightness settings to get a sense of what it looks like. I know using other settings is not ideal but would love to get a taste of the differences...
Did these get posted somewhere? Or April Fools joke?
Wow that's fantastic...thanks!
Is there really no quick way to turn game mode on/off?
Is a set more prone to IR due to having a poorly calibrated set or is a pro calibrated set just as susceptible? Sent from my RM-893_nam_tmous_201 using Tapatalk
Definitely worse IR on these newer sets...due to horrible IR from the Xbox One icon I have to actually start it up with the VT on "zoom" every time to avoid having it on-screen. Even 10 seconds of that will take me hours to get rid of...
Definitely interested...
Same here
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