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I just went to use the Pandora app that was on my last Panny player and low and behold I can't find it! Why would they drop one of the most popular music apps? Is there a way to add the Pandora app to Network Menu?
Just ordered mine as well. Screw MITS for jacking up their prices.Paying it forward! SHOPJIMMY has a coupon code for 5% off all orders good til Jan 31. Just enter SJ2014 coupon code and apply
So did Ness (shopjimmy) send you a sealed Mitsubishi OEM lamp housing with Phillips bulb or did you just swap out the bare bulb in the OEM housing?
I'd be fine with 100 but did you see that it now costs 141.33 with tax shipping and handling fees?
Nope. Running HDMI straight from Panny DMP-BDT230 to TV
Oh wow Thanks so much for the info. Going to run it in Bright mode tonight and hopefully takes care of it!
Aw Snap! I looked back and I think that problem was remedied by light engine replacement. I'm SOL I guess because MITS said it was a 1 time replacement and I'm completely out of warranty
Do you remember if it was fixed by changing the video setttings or by replacing parts on the set?
Well now I have a new dilemma. My 82838 had 1 light engine replaced (by MITS) after it failed when replacing the original DLP bulb. After the light engine installed (about 1 year ago) I put in new OEM lamp from MITS and TV has been great up till about a month and a half ago. Now I'm seeing the screen flicker intermittently but only in the upper left quadrant of the screen. Anyone know what that might be? Set is not under OEM warranty anymore and I don't have an outside...
Anyone know of a place with the 92" still in stock and selling for decent price (near Chicago). I have a 2010 82838 which had 1 light engine already replaced by MITS and the upper left corner of the screen is starting to flicker intermittently. I don't have a warranty anymore and if it's the light engine I may look to buy new set instead of replacement
New Posts  All Forums: