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75% of rec. 709 is now just like any other reference gamut. You select it in the Options module. Before, it was an orphan in the Color Management module.
This bug is now fixed. Still 2.5.1, same download link.
Nothing has changed other than replacing the override fields with the BT.1886 panel in Options. If you leave the manual option unchecked in auto-cal, then it measures white and black and applies this to the formula automatically.There was a problem with manual overrrides in 2.5 because there were two places to specify the correct value and they could conflict. That's why we removed the override fields in auto-cal. Now there is only one place to enter white/black values...
Export saves the data to a file that can be subsequently imported. Save saves the configuration.
A bug has been discovered in the ColorChecker module for those wishing to use a calibration disc. The problem seems to be that this module does not recognize when the "Enable Signal Generator Support" checkbox is unchecked, so it expects a signal generator even when you are not using one. This results in Com Port missing or Null Reference fatal exceptions. We'll get this fixed ASAP. Also, if you want to see how a profiled meter performs without the corrections, in...
Auto-cal does not calibrate 5%. You have to do that manually. Use ChromaPure's Signal Generator Toolbar for this.The Signal Generator Toolbar allows you to make all adjustments and save the configuration directly to the Lumagen or to a file that you can subsequently import.http://www.chromapure.com/movies/grayscaleLumagen/grayscaleLumagen.html
ChromaPure 2.5.1 Released ChromaPure 2.5.1 is now available for download. This is free for existing users. This release offers some refinements to the new auto-cal procedure, bug fixes, and support for the new DVDO 4K TPG test pattern generator. All of the details can be found in the Release Notes, which are available on the ChromaPure News page.
The red x is normal. That just means that an active processor is available for deletion.Set the Com port to something higher than Com 3.
Put the projector in its best Picture mode. This is generally Cinema, Standard color space, 2.4 gamma, 6000K Color Temp.Calibrate brightness, contrast, and sharpness by eye using Lumagen test patterns.Calibrate white balance at 100% only using the JVC's own controls.
New Posts  All Forums: