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Eventually. I waiting until there is a little more market penetration. OLEDs are pretty scarce right now.
A Lumagen would be a good investment. You could solve the gamma problem at 5% and the 125pt will provide excellent color throughout the color space, if that is a problem on this display. Based on what you posted earlier, it seems pretty good already in this regard.
The job of the calibrator is to get the dE as low as possible. You have access to this display. I don't. Use whatever combination of controls that results in the lowest dE. I am not sure what advice I can provide that would substitute for what you see when making adjustments. Just experiment with different settings to get the best results you can.One problem I run across quite a bit is that a lot of people assume that displays should measure perfectly and if they don' then...
This is not uncommon. Blue is often the most difficult color to correct. If it is undersaturated there is really nothing you can do about it.
There seems to be some confusion here over terminology. Saturation refers to a color's distance from the white point. The closer it is, the less saturated it is. Intensity, amplitude, level of stimulus all mean the same thing. This has nothing to do with the distance to the white point. It refers only to the level of luminance of the color. This is what is measured when we calibrate the grayscale--the same color over and over (white), but at different levels of...
No, it doesn't. It offers 75% and 100% intensity patterns only. It provides saturation at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%
You are mistaken. The CP disc provides saturation sweeps in 25% increments using either 100% intensity or 75% intensity.For example, if you select 6.5% Window Sat/75%A the patterns are in the following sequence.white100Sred100Sgreen100Sblue100Syellow100Scyan100Smagenta100S(These are the Baseline colors in CP)red 25Sred50Sred75Sred100Sgreen25Sgreen50Sgreen75Sgreen100Sblue 25Sblue50Sblue75Sblue100Syellow25Syellow50Syellow75Syellow100Scyan...
I'll look into the BT.1886 problem.
No, you cannot assume this. You will have to test this. Can you get reliable, repeatable black level readings? If the black level is too low, you may not be able to.
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