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Since a couple of you have asked, this what we did with the new auto-cal method. It is now much more like a traditional LUT. Before, CP used a recursive sampling method. A color was measured, a correction was applied, and a dE generated. If the dE met a prescribed target then the method moved on to the next color. If not, it repeated the process until either the dE target was achieved or the process exhausted a maximum number of attempts. The current method is much...
ChromaPure 2.5 Release ChromaPure 2.5 is now available for download. This release focuses mainly on a greatly improved Lumagen auto-cal tool. It is much faster, more reliable, and more accurate. The increase is speed is especially evident when running a 729-color LUT calibration. Previously, this would take about 3 hours. It can now complete in as little as 30 minutes. We have also enhanced the ColorChecker, adding support for 18 discreet skin tones (2 from the standard...
The D3 is much more stable than the D2. I think that recalibration every couple of years is adequate. Just send the meter to the address listed on the Contact Us page on our web site and I will bill you for the recalibration before sending it back.
Um, ChromaPure has supported the 125-point and 729-point LUT from the Lumagen since it was released.
We will be releasing a new version in the next few days. The fix to Lumagen 8-point color calibration will be included in this.
Not to pick on you, but this is a very common misconception. We rarely simply "decide" not to support some hardware device. If we don't support it this is almost always because we are prevented from doing so. I have previously described this particular case, which is actually sort of funny.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1174468/the-official-chromapure-thread/4700_100#post_23710684
Virtually any colorimeter will be more sensitive than any spectroradiometer. Tristimulus colorimeters have much larger photo-sensitive elements.
Yes, the retail i1 Display Pro will work with both programs. However, the enhancements provided will only work in ChromaPure. Try contacting ChromaPure.uk atsales@chromapure.co.uk
The problem is related to the 8-point correction only. 125/729-point are unaffected.
Please contact ChromaPure support, and we'll get this resolved.
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