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The gamma is terrible in the Before reading. The calibration gets it right until 50 where it runs out of steam. It looks to me as if you are driving the unit too hard and clipping the whites. See that 100% is no brighter that 90% Trying turning contrast down and/or using different gamma presets so you can start from a better baseline.
There must be some significant unit-to-unit variation on this projector. On the unit I looked at there were no significant uniformity problems, sharpness seemed fine, and the measured native contrast was almost double what HTM got (5K:1 vs. 3.2K:1). I intentionally didn't use the auto-iris, so I can't comment on that.Two things they noticed that I didn't check for were the color clipping and the RGB-YCbCr reset, which is a really weird bug.
xyxyxy10%0.34540.32910.31140.35610.29640.302120%0.37820.32920.31020.38320.28020.275230%0.41090.32930.30890.41030.26390.248340%0.44360.32940.30760.43740.24760.221450%0.47640.32950.30640.46450.23140.194560%0.50910.32960.30510.49160.21510.167670%0.54180.32970.30380.51870.19880.140780%0.57450.32980.30250.54580.18250.113890%0.60730.32990.30130.57290.16630.0869100%0.64000.33000.30000.60000.15000.0600RedGreenBlueHere it is in an xy color space (u'v' would be more uniform). This...
I cannot reproduce the first two problems you are seeing, and we have done nothing in recent builds to change this in any case. http://www.chromapure.com/bugtest/reset/reset.htmlEither there is a problem with your installation (try reinstalling .Net and then downloading and reinstalling CP again) or there is some other application running on your PC that is interfering with CP, such anti-virus, etc. The third issue is not a problem. This is by design. The data in the...
It depends on how anal you are. The THX modes are reasonably good, but I have seen as good or better presets on Samsung and Sony displays.BTW, ISFccc is simply a method--usually rs-232--for accessing some reserved calibration controls. It is not itself a calibrated preset.
I don't think I have encountered a THX mode that I didn't think was worth calibrating. Just to name two popular examples, the THX mode in the Panasonic plasma includes a gamma that is way off and the JVC projector's gamut is undersaturated and the white point is yellowish.This also depends on how anal you are. I am guessing that most folks who are interested in video calibration at all are pretty anal to begin with.
Sure. If the display in question has a very accurate preset, then the value of calibration is limited regardless of how it is done, including with a disc. Fortunately for people like me, very accurate presets are not that common, and even when they exist people don't often know about it. That's a matter of consumer education.
I know Michael and I like him a lot, but I don't agree with the main thrust of this article. It all turns on one key assumption:"It is generally agreed upon by the TV industry experts that if one just sets the user controls correctly and nothing else, they will have achieved about 60-70% with just a disc."No reference is provided for this claim, and I have never heard it before. Furthermore, being something of a "TV industry expert" myself I certainly don't agree with this...
This design will never be as good as the D3 on the low end. Not possible. The hope is just that it will be significantly better than the current i1Pro.
Until the middle of the month, there's an embargo on official and detailed information. However, we have full support for it released very soon after its availability.
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