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Ditto everyone. I've been having a blast buying last years 42" Panny EDTV floor models from various places around town. Seems with "High Definition" as a consumer buzzword now no one (except the educated or money-to-burn crowd) wants the EDTVs. Do exactly what everyone says. Find a store that has the high-def and ED next to each other, measure the distance you will be watching from and stand there. See if you notice $1,000-2,000 worth of difference at that viewing distance.
Quote: Originally posted by robertpcx madpoet; I have a question for you regarding YPbPr component out from my Dish Network HD 811 STB tuner. What do I need in order to convert this component out to my VGA in for pass through on MYHD 120 HD tuner card? robertpcx I take it the DVI on the 811 is DVI-D only? If not, you can just use a VGA dongle.
I find the flickering of a 24p source to be far more annoying than any motion blurring from the plasma. In fact, I don't think I've ever noticed any motion blurring.
I have to agree on the sound issue. Most of the HTIAB I've heard sound like listening to my neighbors stereo through the wall. When I was a young lad my brother and I split the cost of an upper-end home theater system (THX-certified upper-end consumer level actually, bought at <50% value from a store going out of business). It sounded amazing, though as we moved on he ended up with the home theater system. I've since pieced together a tide-me-over setup and put most of the...
The Panasonic ATSC tuner I got with my SD Panny only outputs 1080i, 480p, 480i. Since Panasonic didn't include 720p, you can infer what you will. Try comparing and see, then post it. I would imagine it'd hardly make a noticable difference.
Quote: Originally posted by srgilbert [smartass] DING, DING, DING! We have a wiener! How ironic, a "screensaver" would have "saved" his "screen." (Oh, wait, that's not ironic, that's just sad...........) [/smartass]:rolleyes: Screw the screensaver, set the HTPC to turn off the display after about 30 minutes. If your plasma has no inverter, then set up the display exactly as it was before, hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard,...
With an ED Panny I've never noticed any image retention, and station logos galore are on that thing for several hours at a time. It would probably take several weeks or more before the logos became "aged" enough to be permanent. Some brands do seem to retain images more readily than others though. There was a thread where someone mentioned NEC and clones (Sony) would retain images after only a couple minutes of being static. Perhaps 40"+ LCDs will be available next...
If you really want to do gaming for long periods then lean toward the LCD to avoid burn in. I've seen a Sony LCD at Good Guys that looked decent for the 30 seconds I looked at it.
Heh. Here's to more HD for all humankind.
The Samsung 54" LCD should be out soon. 1920x1080. I'm going now.
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