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Hi All Just replaced the lamp after 975hrs and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to reset the lamp timer??? Thanks guys.
Hey Guys Any one know of an SDI conversion on a Sony ES9000 DVD player. I want to buy the DVDO iscan HD with the SDI option and would like to get clarification if I can mod my ES9000 for SDI!!! Any help would be appreciated. Bally
Hi You can always buy the projector and then contact Sony on 1 800 729 0609 and request the rebate form. You will have to hurry though because the offer is only good through June 2001. I called them this morning for you and confirmed this and I believe the only choice you have is to place the order on the web and hope the paper work reflects a date before June 30th. Good Luck Bally ------------------ Bally California, USA
None Thanks ------------------ Bally California, USA
Hi I had a 10HT that had a dead pixel in the top right hand corner and although the projector was new (less than 4HRS on lamp) I noticed after approx 3 hours of lamp life a circle of dead pixels to the left of the center appeared. As a result of this I returned the projector and requested a replacement, which I received and I am very happy with (no dead pixels and no dust blobs. From my experience with this I found that one or two dead pixels outside a certain view area...
By attaching a long through lens to my Sony 10HT would this not result in the picture brightness being attenuated for the worse? The lens I am considering is a Buhl, Model #: 357mcz501 and by using this lens I will be able to mount my 10HT on the back wall instead of the middle room. Thanks Bally ------------------ Bally California, USA
Thanks all for your input, I appreciate it. Bally ------------------ Bally California, USA
Thanks a lot for your help guys, it seem to be that only Buhl and Sony are the only manufactures selling long throw lenses for the 10HT. The Sony runs at $3K so that one road I will not be going down. I have managed to get the price of the Buhl down to $1195 as I know that the dealer price is $996. I will keep you posted if I better this or learn anything else. Thanks again Bally ------------------ Bally California, USA
Hi All I am in the process of configuring/wring my HT and was wondering if any of you had some information on what lens works best with respects to increasing the throw distance on a Sony 10HT. I would like to place my projector at 20' and project an image 100" diagonal. I have researched the Buhl lens Model #357mcz501 and after speaking to one individual who owns one and is very happy with its performance I was wondering if there is any other manufactures out there. The...
Hi All Most you may already know this but the $300 rebate offer on the 10HT has been extended until 30 June 2001. If you need to obtain a mail-in rebate form then call Sony Rebate Centre (800-729-0609) and request one to be either sent or faxed. Good Luck Bally ------------------ Bally California, USA
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