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I stopped mine at the front column. The wall space between that and the screen will get a full length acoustic panel.
Major construction and trim work is done. I gotta figure out how to finish off the bottoms of the front columns. My two subs are tucked in there so the front needs to be removeable. I was hoping to build out the bottom of the columns similar to the others by using chair rail and trim. However, I have just enough room to fit a 120" 2.35 screen between the two speaker columns (124.5" total spacing). If I use any sort of trim to wrap around the corner to the screen, id...
The vent is the PVC sticking out of your roof, just to the left of the window. The pipes out the side of the house are perhaps drains condenate pumps or water filtration. The vent works just like putting your finger over a straw. Without a vent, the water wont drain. IF you move the bathroom, you just need to connect to your main vent stack. There are codes for maximum distances and min pipe sizes etc.
Laminate!, thats laminate! I hate laminate! I even hate the prefinished stuff i put in our office and dining room. The micro grooves in the prefinished stuff we used in our house really bugs me. Looking at those pictures, i thought for sure that was sanded and finished after install. I thought about the caster support as well. Im concerned with eventually leaving a mark on the floor due to the high frequency of usage.
Excellent job! got any more info on the door/hinges used? Ive been planning the same entry to my theater. Right down to the hinged book for access. I wasnt sure what kind of latch to use so i think ill just borrow your idea! i may have missed it, but what kind of wood did you use for the flooring.
My theater is on my first floor with one wall shared between our living room. This wall has three in-wall speakers. My theater wall is insulated R-13 fiberglass and two layers of 1/2 inch drywall, GG sandwich. Its not perfect but i was surprised at how well it works. Under normal conditions, wife in the living room me in the thaeter working, i can barely hear the in-wall speakers. The second layer with GG made a huge difference. If you want perfect, decouple
No reason that won't work. Multiple paths to the end destination
Its a balancing act, i never said it was easy...LOL. Yeah, now that i think of it, I usually cut the thresshold to just the width of the jambs and I would trim the door stops. you still have to slide, curse, wiggle the piece under the ends of the stops but its easier than the whole jamb. Just be carefull with the marble, it dosent take much to crack. If you install the door over the top, leave some space for the door to settle.
Ive always installed tiles with doors in place. The jambs can be cut to the height with a piece of tile upside down (or scrap wood set to the proper thickness of tile and thinsett) so that you get a good fit with the finished door. Installing the door on top of the threshold may give you problems when it comes to getting the door in square, true and plumb. 1/8inch, id use thinsett to get it level, no need to level before hand. Make sure you have good support under that...
the wood work is great and all, but i want the keg of newcastle!
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