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The music server that I built just this past January is up for sale. You can see the complete build thread here, and the first post list all the goodies, including JRiver and Windows 7 Pro. It is quiet... dead silent... quietest computer I have ever NOT heard! Works flawlessly. It cost me a little over $1,100 for all the parts and software, and of course I had to put it together, so I think $950 shipped (CONUS only) is a pretty good deal. It will be well packed with...
SOLD... Thanks!
Check your PM box.
The dealer will normally do the registration for you... and/or you may have to have proof of purchase to get warranty work performed. Irregardless, it is VERY unlikely you will EVER need warranty work on MartinLogan speakers. I have owned all kinds of flavors of ML's over the years and never needed warranty and haven't known of anyone else owning them needing warranty. And yes... these have been registered. Good luck finding any that haven't been registered at this...
MartinLogan does not allow transfer of warranty. However, I highly doubt you would ever need warranty. If you purchase MartinLogan speakers used, there is no warranty. However, if you purchase from me, as long as I am around I will be happy to help you with the warranty.
A crazy good deal on a "like new" pair of MartinLogan Montis. No doubt the best speakers I have ever owned and heard. It just doesn't get any better. Of course I shouldn't be selling them, but I have to make a few changes and simply do not need to have this money tied up, thus it will be to the good fortune of someone else to own them. I purchased these brand new in December 2013. They are still in pristine condition like new. I added a different connector to the power...
MartinLogan Motion 12 Speakers for sale. I got these new back last year and have used them as surround speakers... although they make a wonderful two-channel speaker as well. One of my favorites right up there with the Arx A5's. A real bargain and sleeper IMO. These are still like new. $650 shipped and insured to CONUS only. Original boxes and packing. PayPal preferred. REDUCED to $600.
Emotiva XPR-5 Amp for sale... purchased direct from Emotiva in November 2013. In pristine condition and like new. Works flawlessly! Very nice and extremely heavy amp. $1,800 shipped to your door in CONUS only. Double boxed and insured. Original boxes and packing. PayPal is preferred.
Onkyo PR-SC5509 Preamp Processor for sale... purchased direct from Onkyo in October 2013. It is in pristine condition like new. Works flawlessly. $1,500 shipped and insured to your door in CONUS only. Original box and packing, remote, Audyssey mic, etc. PayPal is preferred. REDUCED AGAIN to $1,375.00 ... this is a crazy good deal on this unit. You snooze you lose!!!
I took them over to my office a couple of weeks ago because I do not have any place to store them here. They had been in my dedicated HT serving as rear channels, but they are just too big. If I left them here outside of the HT room, our cat might climb on them, and that would be a no-no, so I took them to my office. I am just now getting around to taking pictures and posting ads in various places. I am hoping it will not take very long to sell them at the price I am...
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