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Being the safety car driver would be like doing a track weekend, going nearly flat out in a really cool car that isn't yours (so you can drive it like you rented it).
I don't really care that much about the engine sound, especially if the new formula makes the racing better. But my wife and both noted the AMG safety car has a better exhaust note than the F1 cars.
Yeah, Ferrari has some serious work to do. Good luck to them. I'd love to see Kimi and Fred go after each other at the front like The Merc boys did.Maybe they should change engine suppliers.
Fantastic indeed. One of the best races I've seen in a long time. I loved the Hamilton/Rosberg battle and look forward to those all season. As for Ferrari's woes, it was worth seeing Montezemelo's reaction as well as Buxton catching him for an interview before he escaped the Prancing Pony carnage.
I've been following him for years. He's a hoot.
I'm gonna bet that -- like CPO'd BMWs -- that 6yr/100K warranty is from the original date of purchase (or in-service date as they say), so if you buy one, for example, that is from a 4-year lease return with 60K miles on it, you have a 2yr/40K warranty remaining.
Well, when I had my E46 M3 I knew people who were putting Brembo brakes kits on their M3s and spending north of $4K for them. I never saw the point. The stock brakes were really pretty good and with different pads perfectly adequate for many HPDEs. Yes I would want something better at Road America or other fast, technical track, but I think most were doing it just for bragging rights.
Yeah, those tires are a lot cheaper than I expected. I did hear once that a brake job for the Carrara GT is something like $8K+
The Carrera GT has it's own custom tires, produced for Porsche by Michelin. I'll bet they were wildly expensive to replace.
Just make sure you don't find any crow in that pie.
New Posts  All Forums: