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Test 2
Is there a way to get PAL output from a BD/DVD player (via HDMI) to be converted to another resolution on the SR6006? Since it has a video processor this should be possible, right?
Netflix has worked fine with my 220 today. I am on the west coast -- on the east coast there have been Amazon EC2 issues recently due to the power outages which may contribute to Netflix issues.
I have the Reference Offset set differently for different sources (0 for BD, 10 for SAT and CD) and the 6006 remembers that. Since the other options are on the same screen ... It is likely to work as well, but I haven't tried that yet - now you've given me an idea to try though!
Agreed. I've had no problems with my 220 using wired only - never enabled wireless and have no reason to try. Someone mentioned earlier that Panasonic will sell you the 220 remote for $10 if you were unfortunate enough to get the 320 with its touchscreen remote. You'll new to do that to get the Netflix button programmed - my URC R50 knew the rest of the codes without programming, but I had to learn the Netflix button.
Fortunately I haven't had this problem, but I've read about a sequence to "deregister" the app - up up down down left right left right up up up upSupposedly this is how you bring up the screen to deregister. Then you re-register as a new device.
If a port is blocked the application would not work at all. So I would say your port settings are fine. Many people are having problems with the wireless on this unit, but wired is solid. One person seems to have fixed the wireless problem by turning off "double speed" in the player's network settings - since I am not using wireless I haven't tried that, but it may be worth trying before you run a cable.
I had to turn on Network Standby in the settings to get the AirPlay icon. Firmware etc will still work even without doing this - it is just AirPlay that needs the setting.
I think the only difference is the remote. That's why I got the 220 - since I use a URC R50 universal remote it's easier to program/learn from a simple remote than a complex touchscreen one. So for me the "clunky" remote (as one review called it) was actually an advantage. My previous player had one of those fancy jog/shuttle wheels and I could never get that programmed properly so I like to avoid such things.
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