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I don't think separate apps are needed, but I don't find it useable as-is. The Roku3 Amazon app is great. You can choose to see only Prime, or to see everything together. Those choices should remain.
I'd installed an AppleTV for my mom a couple years ago and when she got the email from Amazon about the FTV she wanted to give it shot. I ordered one and set it up for her yesterday (nothing she couldn't have handled, really, so simple) and played with it a bit after the fw update was done. It's nice and fast, but coming from a Roku3 - nothing revelatory like that unit was. Netflix works fine. Old interface, but I didn't hate that one. Serious lack of apps but one can...
PQ has gotten much better for me the last couple days. I've found that that "example short" will now ramp up to 3850 pretty quickly and reliably (even on Saturday night) but will never go to 5800. Works for me.
I don't think FiOS is my issue (outside of the fact that that they don't support Open Connect, of course) - I only mention my connection to eliminate download speed as an issue. And it's not a home network issue, obviously. Since I can establish 5800k at off-peak times, and could almost all the time before the SuperHD mass rollout, I can only imagine the problem must be that the specific Netflix server I'm connected to is overloaded at peak times. I guess the Turnpike...
Yeah, I'm sure Cablevision would love to have me based on the constant mailings I get. I love FiOS, though, as it's great for everything else and I just re-upped for a killer deal with free speed upgrades. "Unblock-Us" worked great for me when I took advantage of the trial, may consider that again. I really don't even care much about SuperHD, honestly, I just want my standard "HD" PQ back.
Been running a 2113 for a while now and a couple days ago started getting an HDCP warning on all sources instead of a picture. Directly connecting the sources to the display worked fine. So, thanks to jdsmoothie's very clear and concise instructions at the beginning of this thread, I saved my config via the web control, did a microprocessor reset, uploaded the saved config, and she's all better. Thanks JD!
My prime-time PQ has really tanked, seemingly since SuperHD was opened up to all. I can get 5800k on the Example Short 23.976 during the day on my Roku3 but not even close at night. This is on an 84Mb/s FiOS connection.
I'm really enjoying the BPL on NBC although I miss some of the commentators from Fox. And I hesitated on ordering beIn for a bit but now I'm really enjoying having Serie A back and love seeing La Liga as well. Gareth Bale is favorite player and now RM should be quite the lineup!
Curiosity got the best of me so I signed up for an Unblock-US trial and re-configured the PS3 Slim (didn't want to change my router settings for this test so the Roku was not an option). Took all of 10 minutes and I was viewing SuperHD (for real this time). That Example Short 23.976 ramps right up there to 5800 kbps. Not sure how much difference I can see between it and 3850 kbps on a 46" LCD but I'll play more with it. I was just happy that it works.
Got it, thanks. I'll edit my post for clarification.
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