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Did anyone else just lose WHDH and WLVI in HD?
New channel alert! WWDP-HD has been added to channel 818, although I don't think they actually have any HD programming. Also, currently if you have X1 it does not automatically go to HD if you enter in channel 10, you have to actually put in channel 818.
I just got this X1 a few weeks ago, and I have noticed something that doesn't seem to have been discussed. I noticed that the audio output volume is a lot lower than on the old box. I tried to see if there was a way to adjust the volume on the box itself, but it doesn't seem like there is. Has anyone else noticed this, or found a way to adjust it?
Wow so this means the only Boston station not transmitting HD is WYDN-48.
I'm getting X1 on Sunday and I'm excited. Apparently it's available to all customers now not just Triple Play.
I just read that post, and the vibration does seem to come from the same place, but I'm pretty sure this time it's a different issue causing the problem. It doesn't really have to do with picture, it has to do more with sound. What is happening in my case is, as from that other post I brought up, the vibrating mostly occurs when the voices or music hit a certain frequency. I actually did schedule a service call for Wednesday.
I just tried doing that and it seemed to help a little bit, but not completely. I guess it just doesn't work for everyone. Maybe I didn't do it right. How exactly did he use it? Could you somehow link me to the post?
I just thought I would bring this back as I am now having a similar problem. This may have been occurring before and I just wasn't noticing it. I did try tightening all the screws and it did not fix the problem. It seems like its only one part of the back panel that seems to be vibrating, the upper left as you are facing the front of the TV. I find this weird because that's not where the subwoofer is. Did you ever end up fixing the problem?
I also want to point out that I am now noticing the buzzing that everyone's been talking about. Maybe it was doing it before and I just didn't notice. I tried tightening some of the screws myself but it didn't seem to help. Some of the screws seem to be made of plastic so I can't seem to fully tighten them. Which screws were you referring to?
Here's the one I purchased, this one seemed to be recommended:http://www.amazon.com/TC-P50GT50-TC-P55GT50-TC-P60GT50-TC-P65GT50-Headphones/dp/B009G7FZJ4/ref=pd_1It says it's compatible with all televisions, and it was only $25. I thought it would do the trick, it didn't seem like there would be a difference. But do you think it would have an effect on the volume level?
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