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Anyone have NR708 codes to allow the Fios remote control to power on & power off the NR708 unit? NR708 Verizon Fios Motorola HD DVR QIP 72161 Verizon Fios remote control RC1445302/00B Thx
Radio81... Thx for the reply. That is exactly what I want to turn off for everything/inputs (Soap opera effect). Where do you see the option to turn of automotion? I can't find that. Game mode does exactly that (turns of the soap opera effect), that is why I have it enabled for all inputs; but obviously, the issue is with the flickering when Game mode is turned on. Thx
Is there anyone else expiriencing this issue: When set to "Game mode" - For FIOS TV, once in a while (especially after watching TV for over an hour), the screen goes blank every few minutes, then comes back. Turning off the TV, then back on resolves the issue. Or turning off "Game mode" completely resolves the issue -For XBOX 360, every other time you turn on XBOX, the screen is blinking rapidly when Game Mode is on. Other times, it is find. Turning off Xbox, then...
Does anyone know if there is a way to default the input after power off & power on? Example: I switch between Game & CBL/SAT input all the time. However, I would like the unit to default to CBL/SAT after I turn off the unit or turn it on. Any help is appreciated it. Thx
Thx, but does anyone have any constructive opinions about the Vizio xvt3d554sv . Not off topic please. We don't need to discuss whether or not it can do 1080P via HDMI
Any comments on the just released VIZIO XVT3D554SV ? Any reviews out there yet? In stock from Vizio.com, but backordered from amazon.com. I want to order one, but want to hear some reviews & comments first. Thx
Sorry if this question has already been asked. I have my PS3 connected to my HDTV with HDMI cable. I have the PS3 set to output audio through HDMI, & sound works fine through the HDTV. I have also connected an optical cable to my Sony receiver. Is there a way on the PS3 to output audio through both HDMI cable & Optical cable simultaneously? Without the need for me to go to the PS3 setup & change the output of the audio? If yes, will this work for both games & DVD's? ...
Thx for the response BruZZi. - The new Viera model isnt' the same Viera that has been out over seas, correct? It's hasn't been released anywhere yet, correct? - If you would have to guess, when do you think it would be coming out. Thx
Any help would be appreciated.
I understand all the differences between the 42" ED 6UY , 7UY , & the consumer 25U models. The only reason I would like to go with the consumer 25U model (prices are very close to the 6UY/7UY), is because of the Panasonic TYS42PA20W stand that I can purchase for it. I don't need the speakers nor the built in tuner. 2 questions, - Does anyone have a 6UY stand similar to the TYS42PA20W, that allows the unit to matche cosmetically and stylistically to the unit? I...
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