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Do you guys use other forums?Google FTFY. Its a pretty common thing in forums.
Yes. I wasn't responding to your follow up. Just clarifying the original response where I qualified your statement by injecting "only". It was simple and not complicated. I hope that helps. You went on to include other things.
Android isn't on the product page nor is the "feature" described in any detail about what it might be. I think its safer to say that the product as launched is the product as described on its product page which is a WMC extender only. Anyone that bought one assumed it was only a WMC extender. If you buy one today that is all you get, No?
Well. You said:I'm just saying that isn't true.I can be a little clearer and say that its difficult to put an xbox behind a tv mounted to the wall and have it be appealing.I think you just want to argue.
At least color code it copycat.A person can also use passive redirection.
That's not true. Do you own a Ceton product?http://cetoncorp.com/products/companion/
I fixed that for you.
I fixed that for you.
Is there a feature description of the "android" support for the Echo somewhere? I'm curious. I've posted the question about the support in this thread a couple of times and never really got an answer. I'm actually assuming that the company is going to add android app support through something like Alien Dalvik. This is easy to do if already have a working system (think Android support on Blackberry Playbook). How much you support and what might actually run is then up to...
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