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No! So my OTA antenna on my roof that is pointed at Sutro is ok for getting NBC now (and is not a fluke?) People no longer need to have two antennas? San Bruno isn't really in the same direction as Sutro for me...Why is this page still getting so many negative reviews? http://www.yelp.com/biz/nbc-kntv-san-francisco-san-francisco- Jon
Hi All, I've been trying to figure out if something changed with regards to KNTV in San Francisco. I now get KNTV (NBC) perfectly with no drop outs in the Mission District in San Francisco. I'm NOT complaining! Did something change? Are they now broadcasting off of Sutro? Sorry, I've searched, but this thread is 303 pages long and I can't find out what happened... - Thanx - Jon
So what do y'all think? http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/02/samsung-evolution-kit-ces2013/ I really don't even use the "Smart" features, so I doubt I'll biteā€¦ - Jon
NEVER MIND! Problem solved. Wow, LED Dynamic Control set to Low (or Standard) casuses this! - Jon
Hi All, I'm having a weird problem with this set. When viewing dark scenes, the colors kinda jump from one level of darkness to another. I dunno how to describe it, but it's really distracting. I've tried to reset all the picture settings and try several different scene modes, but nothing I've done so far has fixed it. I know I haven't given much info here to solve the problem, but... Any suggestions? - Thanx - Jon
ScubaSteve13, Thanks for posting! Can you post your tweaked settings for me to use those as a starting point? (I'm sure that others would benefit from them too!) - Thanx - Jon
Hm. The es8000 thread has a ton of activity, but I'm still waiting for owners of this particular TV to pipe in with their preferred settings. The ones that have been posted for use on the 8000 don't look very good to my eye... - Jon
Found it here:http://store.spectracal.com/consumer/rent.html - Jon
Yeah, I'd love to see the "generally accepted best" calibration settings for the ES7500 too (I get mine soon...) - Jon
Hi All, Hope this is allowed... I am returning my D7000 and have two pairs of SSG-3050GB 3D glasses that I'd sell and ship for cheap. They've been used for about 10 minutes each, in total! I still have the original boxes, too. Message me if you are interested. - Jon
New Posts  All Forums: