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Songs over 16 minutes: 1. Hatfield and The North - Mumps (20:31) 2. Dr. John - Angola Anthem (17:35) 3. Cream - Spoonful (16:39) 4. Allman Brothers - Whipping Post (22:44) 5. Allman Brothers - Mountain Jam (33:48) 6. Allman Brothers - You Don't Love Me (19:24) 7. Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (17:39) 8. Genesis - Supper's Ready (22:58) 9. Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons (23:06) 10. Transatlantic - Stranger in Your Soul (25:34) 11. Symphony X - The Odyssey (24:09) 12. Yes...
Pdvd8 and HDCP won't let you have 2 displays without using something like Anydvdhd.
Most PS's have short detection so any problem with the system will be a no boot. You need to clean and dry the electronic parts using 90% alcohol or AutoZone brand BRAKE CLEANER then vacuum or blow the solvent off. PM me for a #. No way to type all you need to know here but it's not likely the disaster you think. -EL
http://www.techbargains.com/news_displayItem.cfm/161607 Is another decent HT card deal.
http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm to get the full size files then http://www.mrbass.org/dvdshrink/ to reduce the size. All freeware!
Yep! It's a good idea to completely unpower the F5 as TP instructs after any F5 freeze or error or it's possible you'll miss or have recordings of zero size, channel errors, etc. Didn't take long with this card to figure that out. -EL
Try setting DD and DTS to passthrough in AC3Filter. You may have to run a separate SPDIF cable depending on your sound and video card hardware.
lol Corpus *IS* a hole in so many ways. Very much like a third world country the way it's run. Here's an example of a smart Corpus idea. We spent millions and years to completely repave/widen/improve S.P.I.D then the very next year we decide to spend a few more years changing the new major on/off ramps that we JUST finished. WooHoo! That's SMART! Don't expect much in the way of intellectual thinking or forethought around here and like RPLIII says, It's severely crooked...
Yeah, two 2" - 2.5" screws need to go into a joist. If you have access to the ceiling via an attic you can use wood as a backer to the drywall to better center the projector but it still needs to be attached to the joists somehow.
http://members.shaw.ca/technut/x1faq/#1.1 The X1 uses 1080i input max. Try setting the PS3 to 720p or 480p and RGB output.
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