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I did not mean to say that collection management did not work - it works great, it is just that if I go into files manager I see all the files in the same folder. I suppose if I set up the Movies option properly and use it that won't happen.How do I get to the blu ray disc menu if I want to on the KDLinks player? BD Lite does not seem to do it. I agree that the player properly identifies the correct file and the best available audio automatically, but if I want to go to...
I loaded 1.2Beta to see if it fixed my on screen display problem - no it did not. I did not have a chance to play with it other than that to see what other things were included in the Beta. Ever since I ran Collection Management all the fanart, poster, etc. files show up in addition to the .iso file for the main show or movie, at least in Files Manager view. I have to scroll thru all that stuff to find the .iso. Oh well, at least this is not my default player and at...
Thanks, I will install it tonight and see if it takes care of my on screen display problem.
I thought I read that he monitors this thread.
I spoke too soon. Last night I could not get the Denon on screen display to show on the projector until I turned on the TV. Never had this problem on multiple other devices hooked to the Denon, so I am assuming it is something in the firmware on the KDLinks player.
Well, I got the on screen display from my Denon working with the KDLinks player. First, I flashed the firmware - no on screen display. Then I did a reset to factory (which did nothing since that was done during the firmware upgrade) but still no display. Took the HDMI switch out of the loop - still no on screen display from the Denon. I have a TV hooked to the HDMI 2 out of the Denon - I use it when I don't want to fire up the projector. I turned it on - there was the...
I do have a HDMI switch in line. I will take it out and see if that makes a difference. Also, I have not loaded the 1.1 firmware onto the KDLinks. Even tho it came with 1.1, another post said that re-installing the version from the web helped.
It seems that one of my 960s has failed. The first thing I lost was the big knob on the front would not spin the disc carousel. Now it won't power on at all - completely dead, will not respond to the factory reset function. I plan to pull the cover and see if there is an internal fuse that is blown. But, I am not optimistic about that.
With video convert on or off, still no Denon on screen display. I suppose I can live with this, but there are times when I want to change modes on Audyssey DSX and having the display is really needed for that. I really want to like the KDlinks player, but I find myself going back to the Netgear NTV 550. I have a couple of spare NTV 550s still boxed up that I bought on clearance and I am glad that I have them as backups. The two big advantages of the KDlinks over the...
Thanks for the hint. I get the Denon's on screen display on every other source, so I thought it was with the Kdlinks. I will check the convert setting tonight.
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