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I'll second that motion!!!
Just wanted to take an opportunity to publicly thank all those who participate in this forum for the great flow of information over the last year. A lot has been learned by all. As with any emerging technology there is a fairly steep learning curve, both on the providers part as well as the consumers. I would also like to thank the station personnel who participate here as it helps a bunch to have an inside line when things go south. They put in much hard work and...
Unplugged it for about thirty minutes last night, no change. Looks like I am going to need a service call. Got one scheduled for Monday between 2 and 5. Let you all know how it goes.
Held a race party yesterday for the final nascar race. TV worked great throughout. 20 minutes after the last guest left the TV turned itself off. Picture went black, then the relay clicked off and the power on indicator light started blinking. When you turn it on now it comes on for about a minute then shuts down with the same indication (blinking power light) :rolleyes: . The set has the extended warranty from BB and I have already called them but the local tech isn't...
When I first tuned in to the prerace show it was in HD or near HD anyway but the lip sync was so far out that they would be a few seconds into the next interview (switching to different pit reporter) before the sound switched, literally 10 to 20 seconds out of sync. Then after about ten minutes the entire broadcast was switched to SD with the bars on either side and stayed that way for the rest of the race. I think the issue was either unfixable or someone in the control...
The locals provide a much needed service to the public. Try looking at their budget and then you would understand better. Just replace the TWT's in the xmitters once and there goes the whole home theater budget for the next ten years.
My condolences as well to all who knew and loved Ed. He was fixture in broadcasting in Hampton Roads and will be sorely missed. My prayers go out to his family and coworkers who are suffering during this time of loss.
I bought the extended warranty for my toshiba plasma at BB when I got the tv. If memory serves it was about 500 bucks for four years worth. I think considering how mush a plasma costs to fix it was well worth it. My understanding is that the cost of Plasma panel replacement is damn near the cost of a new set.
Almost a year now. It's a Toshiba 42HP83 and I love it. I was almost convinced to buy a RP because of the price but the wife wanted the plasma and I have to admit it looks great over the mantle. Calibrated using DVE and Avia and the picture is great. You ought to see the superbit edition of "Fifth Element" on it. DTV HD off the Samsung 165 looks positively great. No regrets. Now if it craps out in a couple of years I'll be pissed but I did get the extended warranty.
Only if all the gas leaks out! Actually mine stays on nearly as long and has suffered no adverse effects. I guess as long as it's not a static or 4:3 image with the black bars your ok. Matt
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