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Yes when i go to the test tones to check manually the receiver automatically is at 0 unless i change it. My spl meter says all the speakers are pretty much exactly 70 db. Would my meter be exactly 5 db off?
Hi i can't seem to find the official RX-V1600 thread so I am posting here in hopes some of you may be familiar with it. My question Is when I use the ypao auto calibration and it sets all speaker levels when I go back and check the levels manually with my spl meter all speakers read 70db. In the manual it says when setting levels manually set them to 75db which is what I want. What i have been doing is resetting them to 75 with my meter but I would like to know why the...
Isn't the Panasonic TH-42PX60U plasmas native res 1024x768p?? Wouldn't it be better to get a 1280x720p native display??
Throw distance is the same at around 15 feet. Center of projector lens is 15" down from ceiling and the screen is 10" down from ceiling(actual screen frame is higher) This should be reasonable right? 8' ceilings btw. The issue looks like a missalignment because the red and blue are off to the left and right not up and down. Is there anything that can be done to fix this without moving the projector?
Does the way you setup the Panny AE900 effect the pixel alignment? I was using my projector on a shelf at a height centered on my screen which is a Carada 104" BW and white text looked more defined now I have mounted it on the roof and there seems to be alot more blue on one side of white text and red on the opposite. Any incite as to what I need to do would be appreciated? Thanks
Anybody know anything about this Eureka LX350 HD High Definition Wireless Media Center with DVI? Looks interesting. What is the difference between the EM8621 and the EM8621L chip?? only best rated has it on their site now.
Man, I just got done looking at the flicker menu and there is a horizontal band about an inch wide right in the middle of the screen that flickers and won't go away. This happens mostly on the green flicker menu some on red and barely on blue. Why would it be doing this? I have been in this flicker menu before and it wasn't there. I have about 90 hours on my panasonic AE900. I can't think of any reason this should be there because it wasn't there before. Anybody have...
The HDMI switching feature in my Yamaha rx-v1600 is making my image softer and more blurry than directly connecting it to my projector. Any reason why? I don't have "ip" on for component or hdmi. Its very noticable to me on component and hdmi. I don't want to use the HDMI switching feature any more but kind of have to.. What to do?
The HDMI switching feature is making my image softer and more blurry than directly connecting it to my projector. Any reason why? I don't have "ip" on for component or hdmi..
Onece I did the auto setup it recognized the center and everything is working. Does anyone know if the pure direct mode is only for high fedelity stereo?
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