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I can't use the noise reduction stuff because I am using progressive scan instead of interlaced
I noticed that this player gives me a more detailed picture all around but also in some scenes it seems to have more noise than the RP56 i had before? Anyone want to comment on that P.S. This is off topic but am I supposed to have the LFE setting for dts at +10 db on my receiver?
The level? Do you mean with a Radio Shack SPL meter?
So what should I have my x-over set at? They go fro 40Hz to 150Hz
I don't quite understand what you are supposed to do in the mutichannel section in the RP82's settings for dvd audio. Why do you use this to increase the subs output? Wouldn't you just turn up your subs volume or does that ruin the unity of all the speakers? My left and right front speakers are floor standing speakers with subs built in them and they have a volume knob and a crossover knob which are for the subs i think. They are hooked up to a sony receiver. Can...
I had read somewhere that optical cable would carry at max 2 channel 48kHz PCM which had something to do with the jack that excepts the optical ends. Anyway I was just wondering if using the coaxial digital cable would be any benafit and would it carry a higher PCM signal like 96kHz 2 channel audio. Forgive me if this has been explored a zillion times but I am fairly new to this stuff Thanks P.S. This would be for connecting a dvd player to a receiver
It says in the manual you are supposed to select "darker" for component inputs(progressive scan) and lighter for s-vid
I have a panasonic rp82 and I was wondering if any of you that have this player adjust the contrast, brightness, and color with the dvd players "picture control" instead of the tv settings? Also what do you set the "Mpeg Digital Noise Reduction" settings at? Do you set this different for every dvd? That would be a pain in the @$$ Thank you
Can anyone shed some light on my situation? Is my receiver incapable of the high quality dvd audio signals? It has the 5.1 analog connections!?
I recently hooked my panasonic RP82 dvd player to my sony receiver through the 5.1 analog inputs for Dvd audio. My dvd player also has a remaster button to upsample 44.1 kHz/16bit normal cds to 88.2kHz/24bit but I can only play 44.1 or 48kHz through the digital connections. To hear the 88.2kHz or 96kHz I have to use the analog inputs. My question is am I really hearing 88.2kHz. Let me make this a bit more clear. I have a demo dvd that has 48kHz and 96kHz PCM...
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