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I totally agree, whats so hard about putting a full 7.2 pre out on the Elite line? Would have liked the option to add a 5 channel amp. I have 2 mono blocks now but this model limits me to what I could upgrade...
Going to miss Woody's mouth puckering up like a goldfish sucking on a lemon..
good episode last night with Gene Simmons from Kiss in the lead about rock star wannabees..
Any guess as to when the new line of Pioneer AVR's will come out? Thinking of getting the SC-72 but I don't want it to be obsolete as soon as I get it.. Thanks in advance for any info..
My bro-in-law bought this model AVR new off of Ebay. He has tried everything to get a picture thru it to his PJ.. We have ruled out the pj, stbx and PS3. is this a candidate for a reset? thanks in advance..
We don't even get an extra hour for the finale, boo. It would have been nice for a 2 hour wrap..
Like the comment about getting out the battery and jumper cables. wonder if they will use a Die Hard Battery?..
Wonder what kind of music it likes?. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/swedish-woman-finds-python-living-loudspeaker-experts-coax-article-1.1708785
Ralph: Just watched the movie, jaw dropping to say the least. I have always liked space movies and this one doesn't disappoint.. Lots of actin crammed into 90 minutes of film.. I enjoyed it with my 100" screen and the new JVC PJ..Might have to give a 2nd showing about 4pm today for neighbor and older son.. Surrounds were very good, lots of Mission Control chatter.. got to go now and get out my snow shovel (again) for the 13th storm of the winter..
Seen a lot of pictures of HT setups where the member have their amps on stands in front of screen. I was looking at these from VTI to put my Emotiva monoblocks on. Does anyone else have any recommendations? thanks in advance http://www.wayfair.com/VTI-304-Series-Fixed-Height-Speaker-Stand-BL304-01-VI1014.html
New Posts  All Forums: