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We had 11" here in Nassau County NY. .. What part of NY are you from Rob?
I don't like it when the announcers say that the refs are going to let them play and keep the flags in their pocket. A penalty is a penalty whether its the first game of the seson or the SB..
guess viewers are telling Josh to get "LOST"..
the complaints were about the picture. Empire State building, CitiCorp building, World Trade Center..
Seen a copy of the "Official" program and it only shows the skyline of NYC, nothing about NJ on the cover.. http://superbowlprogram.us/officialsuperbowlxlviprogram-comingsoon-1-2.aspx
Any SB party threads? having my first one, need some tips as far as food choices, etc..
side effects include suicidal tendencies.. Call your doctor in the morning, what morning?
One comment I heard this morning said Sherman reminded him of a WWF wrestler like Razor Ramon , looking into the camera and yelling at his next opponent ..
RPS13: thanks for the help, used the buttons on the body to change input..I also would like to know if this mount is good for the pj: http://www.elitescreens.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1252&catid=41&Itemid=167&lang=en
Did I win anything for picking the winners? Also "Montana" came across audio loud and clear..Great picture on CBS NY, Cablevision is my provider.
New Posts  All Forums: