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I've experienced this with both the PCI and USB devices. The diagnostics tell me:I call Comcast. The send the signal and the diag is happy and I can watch/record HBO. By the next day, HBO isn't working again, and the CCV message is back. Anyone seen that before.
Assuming you're using ShowBiz to do your recording, try the .TS or .M2TS containers/format when recording. I have this same problem if I try to use mp4.
Ahh, sounds like PowerDVD is handling that issue for you (I'm a TMT user). Just for kicks, it may be worth disconnecting the DVI and making the HDMI the only monitor to see if it makes a difference (I recommend a reboot here as well). Then, in TMT, you sometimes need to go into audio settings and select "Original Primary Audio" to get the TrueHD track. PD probably has a similar setting.
Sorry, mirrored display is an HDCP violation. That could be part of your problem. You need to disable the mirroring while playing back BD content and switch to the video output from your receiver.
Can anyone tell me what the "Hardware Acceleration" toggle in ShowBiz actually does? Does it switch the mp4 encoding into software or is it related to the graphics display?
Which container format do you use? TS, M2TS or MP4?I'll check out VideoRedo. Anyone have any recommendations for sharpening the image in VCR captures?
Thanks. That is pretty irritating. I suspect my LG BD690 might be able to handle it, but I'm converting old VCR tapes for people who have older DVD players. So I need to re-encode everything into MPEG-2. Good to know. With the latest drivers, I was able to create a 2hr M2TS recording (with sound synchronized) and use ffmpeg to convert it into an mpeg4 I could edit, but I have to re-encode the entire stream which is pretty frigging stupid. I guess I could...
Another question: Will all DVD players handle an MPEG-4 encoded TS stream? Aren't DVD's usually MPEG-2?
I've been fighting different format and timing problems on all my recordings. Has anyone found a combination that works? Showbiz 3.5 is pretty awful for editing, so I really want to create something that works in Avidemux or Handbrake, but I'm finding they both seem to have problems with the files that Showbiz creates, regardless of the format. I even tried the ffmpeg command line on a few, and it hung half way through as well. BTW: I also have audio sync issues...
The tinkering is what it's all about. Be aware sometimes you just want to watch the movie.
New Posts  All Forums: