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No, that does not make sense. These are different device types.
I don't have any insight on why the Save is not completing properly, but I thought I would mention that the "Waiting for..." message in the browser is perfectly normal. The browser is simply waiting for the Denon to return the message upon completion of the Save operation. I have conducted many network saves before, and while I have occasionally received the failed operation message, I have never had the operation fail repeatedly like you are experiencing. Very strange,...
 An external USB drive (one that houses a spinning hard drive) is a completely different device from a USB thumb drive.  Of course the file will play from the external drive--the question was whether a 4K file will play from a thumb drive.  Do you understand the distinction? 
I think the translation of that would be: you can use an external hard drive with a USB interface to store downloaded content from the Sony 4K download service. I don't interpret it as being able to play files from a USB stick.
ICBW, but I don't see where the new media player will support playback of 4K content from USB.  I see the player has USB 2.0 ports, but doesn't it take USB 3.0 to play 4K files?  I have to admit, I am not very knowledgeable in this area.
When I first installed a Sonos system and used it to wirelessly stream music that I had ripped from my CD collection to a lossless digital format, I spent quite a bit of time comparing the original CD's with the files played by Sonos. I was never able to hear any difference whatsoever. The ripped music is lossless, and is transmitted digitally over the network with no packet loss, transferred to the Denon over a digital coax link, and finally converted to analog audio...
What do you mean? Isn't an updated media player the solution we have been expecting? What alternatives do you envision?I admit, I don't think I would buy this box just to watch HOC on Netflix in 4K. There needs to be a flood of streaming 4K content available before I would make the same mistake twice. Unless, of course, Sony offers it to current X1 owners free, or at a significant discount.
 Good information, thanks.  Here are your room modes, based on the dimensions you provided:  There is a 63Hz mode associated with the room length.  Your measurement shows a dip that looks to be closer to ~58Hz, so there is no guarantee that the two are related.  If one sub is in a corner, where is the A/V cabinet?  Is it on the 15'5" wall, or the longer wall?  Sounds like the whole arrangement is not symmetrical in the room, which always poses some challenges.  Where is...
There seems to be some confusion in terminology here. You didn't use the X1 wirelessly, because the X1 doesn't support a wireless connection. You may have had a wireless device like a game adaptor, which communicates wirelessly on the network, but connects to the X1 with a wired connection, but that isn't the same as saying the X1 is wireless.The new media player could have on-board wireless capability, though. However, it will still connect to the TV using an...
Sure, why not? My X900 is connected wirelessly, and it's network apps work just fine.
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