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Home/Settings/Product Support/Contact Sony. You will find your serial number as well as the current firmware version.
I believe if your HDMI setup includes full 7.1 support, you should be able to route the REW test signal to the surround speakers. However, IMO the focus should be on the LCR speakers when it comes to treatments. Treating for reflections from surrounds will not result in a significant sound quality improvements.
What do you mean?
Did you actually read the article? It states "Since all 2013 Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs are already equipped with HDMI® 2.0 and the latest copy protection (HDCP 2.2), Sony will be offering a solution this summer to support the latest high efficiency video coding (HEVC) video compression format that will be used in the upcoming Netflix® 4K streaming service and other sources." This does not say, or imply, that the solution is a firmware update. As we have been saying all...
Thank you for the detailed explanation, and for introducing me to the Soundstagenetwork.com measurements archive. Very interesting. Seeing that the Synchrony One towers measured favorably is a relief.
Beav, help me understand what a directivity mismatch sounds like. I don't think I have heard this term before. And how would one go about measuring or testing for it?
Thanks, Geoff. I have the Hobbit 2 planned for this evening, so I'll give these settings a try
I don't know how to calibrate 3D. Perhaps Geoff will have some input. As you do, I set backlight and contrast to Max, all other settings are the same.BTW, just finished Gravity 3D. Really liked the movie, and the 3D was very well done.
 A laser pointer is even more precise.
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