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True. Perhaps the OP will elaborate on his comment.
No need to panic. I am sure the Denon works as you expect it to. On a Denon, you can tailor certain settings to be input-specific. These settings are saved in memory locations called Quick-Select, and there are four unique QS memories on the 4520. I believe the original poster was commenting on the behavior of the web app.
I believe the Pro software picks up the speaker configuration as it is configured in the AVR. Check the AVR configuration and make sure it doesn't mention a sub. What model AVR do you have?
 None that I am aware of, although this sounds like a question more appropriate for the HTS REW forum, where John may answer you directly.  Generally speaking, we have been inclined to use the REW defaults for many of the measurement settings.
Well, after that joke, it's going to take us days to talk everyone down from the edge again... 
Why don't you conduct a test and tell us? The method that results in the smoothest transition at the splice wins. For those of us having the capability, the sub distance tweak seems to be used more frequently.
If nothing else, an AVR with XT32 will have a better resale value down the road. Whether the manual DSP would do as good a job as XT32 would be difficult for anyone but you to determine.
Now that a new media player has already been announced, I have doubts that you will be able to sell it.
The display goes through a boot-up sequence, so it is not fully functional until the process completes. I see a "No signal..." message while this is going on, but eventually the picture appears. I haven't timed it, but 12 seconds sounds about right. Since I know it will always complete successfully, this has never concerned me. Do you find this small delay somehow annoying?
1. The player needs to be connected the the display directly from HDMI1 on the player to HDMI4 on the TV. This connection is for the video content (assuming you will use the AVR for the audio). You cannot route video from the player through the AVR.2. The player connects to the AVR using the player's HDMI2 connection. To enable audio this way, you need to go into the player's menu and select "Audio output to HDMI2". This connection should support DD 5.1 and hi-res...
New Posts  All Forums: