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There is a link on page three of the guide to a posting that describe how to use REW with a Mac. However, I believe the majority of thread participants use Windows laptops. You will be swimming upstream, but using a Mac is not impossible.
Sorry, I am confused. Don't you want audio from your AVR? I seem to have lost track of what your issue was, other than the spurious power on's. Not to worry if you are happy now.
Your description could be easily what I am seeing with the setting at 65. All the 3D movies I have watched show incredible depth and clarity (Avitar, Gravity, Hobbit 2). I am trying to understand what is DIFFERENT. Again, not doubting you, just trying to understand what to look for.
What do you mean it isn't emitting any audio any more? It he AVR isn't mysteriously powering on when the network cable is disconnected, I think you are closer to understanding the root cause, I.e. something network-related.
Just watched Captain Phillips. Loved the movie, but the PQ seemed to be a bit grainy, almost washed-out. Anyone else watch this movie recently and have any feedback?
I don't think there is a need to be defensive. In my case, I tried it, didn't see that much of a difference, and simply asked for clarification regarding what "looked better" with the setting. Clearly I wasn't gobsmacked, so I am wondering why my experience would be different, I have an X900 and an Oppo, so I was expecting something a bit more noticeable.
So what do you do with 12" of PF to contain it? I hate fiberglass and would never consider having any exposed fiberglass in my home. Just working with it is bad enough.
I'm sure you are correct.I currently am testing this with the Spears&Munsil 3D demo material on my Oppo. Toggling between 999 and 65, I'm not seeing a lot of difference. Granted, it takes a few seconds to make the change because Oppo doesn't allow on-the-fly changes to the video settings, so my video memory may be preventing me from seeing a difference.But my point is, why would you want to do this? The 3D content I have here looks stunning with the setting at 65. Why...
In all the firmware updates I have done, I have never had any of them result in a measurable difference in picture quality, nor has any update changed any setting either.
Since I don't have one, I would not know. Perhaps someone with that set will respond.
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