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My point is, it has been discussed many times here already, this TV does not have the capability to play 4K files from USB.  If it could be done, there are many experts on the thread that would have done it already and reported the results, don't you think?
Since that isn't possible, would you entertain the thought that you were mistaken, or that someone was giving you false information? On the positive side, what you were looking at must have been very good quality, which is reinforcing our claim that this set does an amazing job at up-scaling.
Exactly.  Every dollar spent on treatments should produce a measurable improvement.  This is not an easy objective to achieve, but reading up on other success stories is a sound approach.
I think your approach is sound:   - Optimize placement to get the smoothest response prior to any DSP or RC. - Run DSP first. - Run Audyssey RC last. - Measure results.   You might also try omitting the sub DSP, and then measuring the post-Audyssey results to see if the DSP step is really necessary.  Its nice to have the option.
Additional information:   Using my Windows 7 laptop (also IE 7), I was able to successfully update the link in my post.  However, I noticed something interesting.    This is the page I get from the laptop (Win7 32-bit):     And this is the page I get from the desktop system (win7 64-bit):       The second one is the page that hangs my browser session.  Why are there two different screens?
The ETC measurement identifies reflections. The guide section on ETC gives you some tips on how to determine the distance associated with the reflections. Once you know the distance, you will be able to identify which surfaces in the room are causing the reflections. There are names associated with the techniques, such as the "mirror technique" and the "string technique". These approaches help you identify sources of specular (above ~300Hz) reflections. Typical...
Keep in mind that to use the RS SPL with REW, you need an external USB soundcard. It is still not as convenient as using a USB mic.
JL, consider using the ETC measurement to assist in finding the most effective spots to place the treatments. And remember, WRT taming reflections, it is important to try and achieve symmetry between the left and right walls.
@Stuart: Wow, what is that link???
 You are being tested!  Time to get cracking....
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