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Well it really sounds like no-brainer then. I wish I had jumped on it when the price was a bit lower on Amazon!
This thread is great as I am the owner of an aging Mitsubishi HC1600 and I am now looking to upgrade to a budget 1080p DLP projector. Muchbemused - Do you find the W1070 to be bright enough or brighter than the HC3800? It appears it may be a slight downgrade in brightness from my HC1600 and that concerns me as my viewing area is sometimes not ideal regarding light control. Otherwise the W1070 looks ideal. Thanks.
Look at my post further up.
Am I incorrect in thinking that the Dayton 500W amp already has a decent roll-off in low frequency response? This is without looking into and it has been a while since I checked it. Edit: here it is: http://www.parts-express.com/pdf/300-808response.pdf So you'll probably be OK with it.
You could certainly build a sealed sonosub. I think the reason so many are ported is due to the advantages of using sonotube for large enclosures. They are relatively light when finished vs the same volume enclosure built with MDF or plywood entirely. If I was to build a sealed sonosub, I would do it with a driver in each end (which has been done before).
Hm....you should probably just get the PB13.
I've been very pleased with mine. They can utilize quite a bit of power in this configuration. 3KW easy.
Dayton Ref 15s can be used in a big low tuned sonosub but you can't use too much power really (and you won't need it). Its been done before.
Watch it with the sub, Kevin. Definitely.
Yep. The emergence of this whole horn sub thing is kind of funny. My dad is kind of old school and for the past few years while I messed around with sonosubs and sealed subs he kept asking me why I didn't do something utilizing horn 'tech'. He is vindicated I suppose!I actually just bought a pair of those SVS bookshelf speakers for my bedroom being powered by that Samson power amp I bought for no good reason. I didn't feel like building anything at the moment. I am...
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