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for the moron question of the day... does D*= directv and E*=dish? sorry for my ignorance!
i guess we find out tonight...the first hd game is tonight on 704 according to that link.
great question. i watched alot of the games a few years ago when they had it here in HD!
good lord...why dont you cancel their service already.. i'm so tired of reading about your personal pity-party when it comes to cox.
yeah...i have him on my "ignore"..but he evokes such a response everyone quotes him in replies. i can't get away from it!
pixelation was really bad in the tenn vs uga game...not as bad for lsu vs fla.
All you guys bashing Vegggas need to chill. The guy is nice enough to post alot of timely info on Cox as well as other technical info and he always does it in a nice way...and he catches grief because you guys get caught up in a sat. vs cable "war". Word maestro... grow up you sound like a baby "hey who the hell is HE..."
...this guy's only happy...when he isn't happy
Shoot..you said he "exited"...and i got excited for a second...
just make the switch...
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