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BD only. Don't care about VOD or DL. I like having and owning the disks (or whatever Hard media) as for why BD only? whty do we bneed two tools that do the same thing.
agree, not only that but it will end up killing quality. lower quality= lower bitrate= faster downloads= less space on disk. Most people like the last two and the studios like that as well
never had rot on a DVD, but did you try contacting the studio? Most have a replacement provisions
who doesn't? and where did I say they don't want either? At the end of the day they have what I want. It is as simple as that, and if they offer it at a price I am willing to pay then that is goodeasy. Did you see how Universal stopped after AACS was cracked the first time? Did you see how Fox/MGMGH titles slowed down waiting for BD+?so as long as my legally bought movie plays on my player I don't care what DRM is on it.
because you don't know if you will watch it more then once.
400+300>>>>>>>>>> what the cheapest DVD players were in June of 98
but then the math does not work any more, does it? (not that it ever did in the first place)
can you show me one HD DVD with DTHD and no DD+? Can you tell me how you know the exact bitrate of the DTHD track that does not exist
I want movies, studios give me movies, studios want this. How is less DRM good news or how is more bad news?
I guess the list means it is time for the guesses? 70:30 BD top 3 Ghost Rider Extended Cut Blood and Chocolate Monty Python's Meaning of Life (I think the first is a given, the truth is no idea for the rest)
New Posts  All Forums: