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Yes, I was sort of expecting that there might be some some banding introduced. I see this effect on my plasma which is why I always look at a crossed ramp pattern as a part of my calibration. A difference in one "click" of contrast/or brightness can introduce lots of banding the way the processing is done.
I only had time to adjust the actual grayscale points the other day so I went back today and looked at the rest of my typical calibration steps. Even doing a 20 point greyscale this time I found that I was getting a LOT of banding on the crossed ramp pattern in GetGray. It was truly ugly. I can only guess that this is the result of the linear interpolation for the intermediate points. Either that or there's something in the way that the signal is being processed by my...
I just finished a session with 0.52. One more bug to report. I'm pretty sure this is the correct sequence, I'll double check once I can get back onto the PC and get the log. 1. Start application and change LUT values. 2. Save configuration as file using "Save as". 3. Try to change the value of a LUT entry. 4. Error. EDIT: I double checked the sequence and updated. It works OK if you just use the "Save as Startup LUT".
Yes, the EyeOne's can be used on plasmas.
Not trying to pick on Schmoe, but he has said himself that he is a novice so I wouldn't take his numbers as gospel. Some of the very experienced folks on this forum have done comparisons between the two pieces of S/W with the Display2 and have had differences that were within the error of the instrument. Calman is probably better for novices in that they handle a lot of the setup and guide the user through the steps. They have also implemented some proprietary features...
As Michael pointed out, Cinema is usually a good place to start since it is probably the most accurate to start with. The unfortunate truth is that once you start down the calibration path it can be a long road if you are an enthusiast. You'll start with user mode settings and DVE and then progress to the service menu, eventually add a colorimeter and S/W, etc......
Even though you can change some settings to customize each of the presets there are often other parameters associated with each preset that can only be changed in the service mode of the TV.
The probe in question here was the Display2/LT which I believe has better low light performance than the Pro. I was going from memory and I thought I remembered that there was something beyond simply averaging that they were doing but I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time. I generally ignore the 0% and 10% reading from my Display2 anyway.
You will note that the premise was that the user is knowledgable.
IIRC the Calman team have worked with the meter vendors and have implemented some algorithms in the S/W which improves their accuracy in the low light readings.
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