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Why should it scare somebody? In the first case he had the meter configured incorrectly so of course they should be a difference. In other comparisons the differences have been within the error of the meter, so for all intents and purposes they are the same.
For CRT TVs you need to be in CRT mode because the sensor needs to sync to the refresh rate of the TV.
The most obvious example is how did you configure the sensor in HCFR (CRT/LCD)?
Don't take offense, but from the data I have to say that you have misconfigured something. There have been other comparisons of HCFR and Calman and while the results have been different, they are not as wildly different as what you are showing.
Thanks. The wall is a dark blue/gray. Going by my wife's Pantone guide, it's closest to 18-4036.
Have you read the manual that is on the download site? What about some of the calibration stickies that are posted in this forum? Once you read those you will have all the information you need to get started.
Sorry. More specifically, which would be the better choice between a 5000K/94CRI lamp vs a 6500K/78CRI lamp?
Alan, I don't remember seeing this in the thread, but if you had to make a tradeoff, would a higher CRI be more preferable to a colour temp closer to 6500 or vice-versa?
Yep, definitely a ground loop.
PM on the way.
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