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No, I was perfectly aware of those interfaces and how they work. In fact I used the line in on my sound card just fine thank you. My TV experience wasn't damaged in any way as far as I was concerned. For some reason you seem to be hung up on the fact that only your way of doing things is the "correct" way. That's more than a little arrogant if you ask me. As others have pointed out to you, if you believe so strongly that your way is the One True TV Experience, build a...
When I used to watch/record TV on my PC, I first started about 5 years ago, I didn't use the CD-IN port. I expect most people didn't either. Why do you have such a hard time accepting that the overwhelming majority of users don't care about that functionality. You know what I'd like? For my 6 year old PC to play BluRays. I guess I should ask for a bunch of MS managers to be fired for this too because they are part of the grand conspiracy.
What the heck, I'm just digesting turkey now anyway. You realize of course that the percentage of revenue that Microsoft gets from HTPC usage is miniscule right? They have much more important things to worry about than a handful of enthusiasts who want to watch / record TV shows. But wait a minute, those people can already do that. The overwhelming majority of those people are doing just fine. I'll bet that less than 0.0001% of HTPC users actually use the CD-IN...
You should look up Festivus since you clearly have some grievances that need airing.Did you read the posts where it was explained that the cable industry are the ones that are putting all of the restrictions in place for encrypted digital signals? They are the ones that have made Microsoft create all of the secure pathways in the OS. If it were up to the cable companies we wouldn't be able to watch anything on our PCs. The same is true of the movie studios when it comes...
This has to be the funniest post I have read in months. Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus to all.
Sounds good. What would also be useful is a way to move all three colours in unison for a given point. If this could be done with UP/DOWN buttons that would be really sweet.
And you made my point. Back to lurking on this thread.
The problem with all of your posts is that instead of asking for answers/help with resolving your problem is that nearly every one (I'll admit, I haven't read them all) contains some diatribe against Microsoft and it's managers. If you state your problem simply and factually without invoking some grand conspiracy theory, you will be better off.
I just stumbled across this thread and I can't stop laughing. It's like some great X-files conspiracy against the CD-IN port.
I think they are discussed in the HCFR thread and IIRC they are accurate. However, one important thing to remember is that if you are using HCFR to calibrate a DVD player or BluRay player it is critical that you actually play the disc in the actual player as part of the calibration. Calibration is for the entire display chain. If you are like me and use an HTPC the drivers and playback S/W have a big impact on what get's reproduced since things like the renderer (overlay,...
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