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Here's mine with quad XS15s, 4800 cu ft room:
I'd try it, then make sure the Klipsch wasn't running out of steam early on. If it was, I'd turn it down until it didn't and see if I was still gaining any benefit. With it being nearfield, you should be able to keep it much lower than the PSAs.
You still haven't said what sub your using Samps. And, with an 8db boost, you're probably running into headroom issues when you crank it up.
What don't you like about what Audyssey does to your sub? What version of Audyssey? What sub?
In my experience, it's not about any lip sync issues....I can tell that the center channel information is not coming from the center of the screen, but from above it (or below it, if that's where your center channel resides). I would love to have a PJ with an acoustically transparent screen so I could have the center channel directly in the center of the screen, but that is not to be, at least not in my current (living room) setup.
I've had my center above my TV for years and it works fine for me. However, I've always wondered what it would sound like under the screen. With it on top, it's actually closer to the center of the screen. Below, it would be a good 4-5" or more further away from screen center....this is my theory at least. Speaker is angled down generously, of course.
MiniDSP is currently out of the chain. I did try to integrate it again a couple of weeks ago but it was still cutting into my headroom (even with Audyssey putting my sub at -10db). I've pretty much given up on it for now. With my bass preferences, coupled with my fairly large room, I'm running my subs pretty close to the edge - I've only got about 2-3db of headroom. Since I got a pretty good response by just fooling with placement, gain and phase I think the MiniDSP just...
Try switching the phase on your rear sub to "180". That may help with the cancellation issues you are getting.The Y-Splitter does not effect your output, in fact most receivers that support dual subs just use an internal y-splitter (until you get to the higher-end AVRs that can calibrate dual subs individually). Like I mentioned above, try playing with the phase (if your sub has a variable phase knob, you'll have more options), it may help with cancellations.EDIT: derrick...
Hmmm...do you have Dynamic EQ on for that input? What's the offset set to?
Did you check to make sure your front speakers are set to "small" as Batpig suggested?
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