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1) Not filling out the survey 2) Letterman is set up on my Replay daily - so until a decent HD-PVR comes out, it doesn't really matter to me if it's in HD or SD. 3) Leno is so non-funny, I will not watch it.
Reboot the machine by pressing & holding the power button on the machine face for a full 10 seconds.
The Netgear ME101 worked for me. $80 at Amazon. http://www.netgear.com/products/prod...ID=175&view=hm
Wow - that's one long sentence.
OK - I'll go first with my newbie question. Laugh if you want, but an answer would be nice too. I'll have my 5040 in the living room with the TV (obviously). I subscribe to DSL, and the computer & modem are in another room. What do I need to hook the 5040 up to the DSL? I assume it's not as easy as just plugging it into the phone line (or is it?). I'd like to get everything wired up before it gets here. I can run any necessary wires under the house.
Reporting more of the same here. Was "processing" this morning, and now it shows as cancelled. I did not use the F&F discount (figured that would be an auto cancellation). Still crossing my fingers and hoping it's a goof since everyone else is reporting similar. I've never had a problem with this credit card to buy stuff online. If this doesn't go through, I plan on just waiting it out for the HD-Tivo.
I had some family over, and none of them had ever seen a HD broadcast before. They never really thought twice about it until I finally did a "split screen" with the analog broadcast side-by-side with the HD broadcast. OMG, the difference was staggering and finally made them appreciate HD. My dad says he wants a new TV now, though I doubt mom would approve.
I know this issue is pretty moot right now, but Spielberg has been pretty tough on NOT letting his movies get chopped for television. He did make a concession in Jurassic Park to have one word dubbed out.
Is there a such thing as too much reception? Like if an antenna is too big, and you have a pre-amp hooked up? What would that do to your reception?
No point in a boxset of Ep I & II. As for the original trilogy, Lucas has made it known that he wants to tweak it again to better follow episodes 1-3. He's already shot some new scenes to be inserted in the original trilogy. Dont' expect to ever be able to (legally) own the originals as they currently exist.
New Posts  All Forums: