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Would it be better if I set my fios to 720p or 1080i for the 73837? I am wondering if the tv is taking the 1080i and converting it to 1080p.
I just got the 73837 yesterday and love it. I was wondering if anyone here has had there set ISF calibrated and can give feedback on how the tv looks now compared to before ISF.
I am trying to decide between the Mitsubishi 73737 and 73837. Is the 837 worth the extra cash? What exactly is Perfect Tint and the other options this set has?
For some people that would be a major issue (bulbs) but for others its not that big of deal. I am guessing my usage would mean a replacement bulb every 2-3 years. So for me that is not a huge killer. I just wish I could know how well these tv's looked in my room. Currently I have a old Toshiba 57hdx82 that looks awesome at night, but during the day the glare on the screen makes it almost unwatchable (is that a word?). The wife saw the Mitsubishi 73 yesterday and loved...
Thanks for the suggestions. I really like the Samsung PN58B650. However, someone pointed me to the Mitsubishi DLP's which have very large screens for a good price and they really have me thinking hard. Any reason not to get one of these (we don't plan on wall mounting).
So I am in the 2500 price range right now (not afraid to buy online to save on tax). I can go a little higher but I also want to have left over cash for a stand. Anyway I am looking for a larger screen (58 or larger). This tv will be in a room that is pretty bright during the day. Most of the tv watching will be FIOS HDTV and Blu-ray. This will replace my older 57 Toshiba CRT RPTV. If you got a recommendation let me know!
Wrong thread!
I know this is beaten horse for most people but it has been a while since I have looked into buying a set. Currently I own a Toshiba 57HDX CRT RPTV. The tv has served me well, but the wife wants us to get something that a little smaller footprint without loosing screen size. So we went to Fry's and saw the Mitsubishi DLP's and a few LCD tvs. Now I have heard that DLP does not produce as good of a picture as a LCD tv. Is this true, or do the newer Mitsubishi units do...
Well what I need to do is put up some drywall to segregate the room. Viewing time in the theatre room during the day is not to high, but its still annoying. CMRA, I will check out the Epson your mentioned
I have owned my PLV-Z2 for about 2 years now and I have loved it. Well I ran into some extra $$ and decided to look into upgrading my projector. I am disappointed that no one has come out with a higher resolution projector for under $3000, but have noticed some good talk on the PLV-Z4. So the question is, would upgrading from the PLV-Z4 be worth it? Right now my only gripe on my PLV-Z2 is brightness. Watching it during the day in my theatre room is almost impossible....
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