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Don't reinstall Windows, instead get a better browser. IE6 has some serious security flaws and lacks alot of great features that all other modern browsers have. A good place to start is to go to www.mozilla.org. Grab Mozilla or Firefox. Firefox is a slimed down version of Mozilla built for speed. I have been using Firefox for close to one year now and haven't used IE since.
After uninstalling and reinstalling over and over again I finally got my ATI HDTV Wonder to work. Only problem now is dealing with the crappy PVR software ATI provided. Are there other PVR softwares out there that will work with this card? My biggest issue with ATI's PVR software is that I can't get it to schedule DTV recordings. Every time I setup a scheduled recording it decides to use normal TV instead of DTV
Heh sure, let me just return my whole pc and settle for a Intel :P If what your saying is true then my thoughts of ATI are totally negative now :( Has anyone here figured out how to set the Guide Plus program to work with HDTV? How do you tell it to schedule a recording using DTV app instead of the TV app?
Man first impression so far is that this card is a total POS. I am a big fan of ATI video cards, but this thing is making me think twice about ATI. Ok first problem was the whole installer. Half of the programs it tried to installed gave odd errors like registry problems etc. I managed to finally get all of them installed properly. After that it apparently messed up my ATI drivers for my ATI x800 video card. No problem there as I reinstalled the Catalyst drivers. Now...
Thanks for the reply man! I already own powerstrip (use it for my RPHDTV). Anyway thanks for the suggestion, I am going to check out that dvd player now
Ok guys, I just got my Z2 the other day and so far I am very happy. Now I am new to this whole HTPC and projector world. I have a few questions for you all: First how do I get this projector to do 1280x720 in DVI? My ATI X800 card has a RGB option that I tried and it does 1280x720 perfectly fine. When I output with my DVI cable to 1280x720 it cuts off part of the screen and I have to move my mouse around to see everything. Its like a linux desktop set at 1600x1200...
Awesome! I have a 57Hdx82 and will try this tonight. I have my transcoder in hand and just got my registration info back from the makers of PowerStrip. I played a little with it last night using the guide....the modes came out real crappy. Hopefully we can all work together and have a thread dedicated to Powerstrip and the HDX82 models. BTW I am using a GeForce4Ti 4800
The dvd player is just a Cyberhome (forgot model number) progressive scan dvd player. I also watched it from my HTPC....both were connected via (transcoder for the htpc) Bluejeancables Belden 7710A component video cable
Hello guys, Since I just got this movie in I figured I would review it all for you. From my understanding this was just released this month and I had my order on wait since last month...anyway I got the movie in the mail yesterday and here is what I have to say about it. Test Bed: Toshiba 57HDX82 RP-HDTV Video: Some of you guys may or may not no anything about this movie so I will give you a brief history about the movie and the story. The movie comes from Jim...
Hey guys, I just got my new Geforce4 TI 4800 video card in and I am ready to hook this bad boy up to my T.V (57HDX82). So can someone please share your Powerstrip settings with me for the HDX82 models?
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