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My feeling on room finishing is if you are going to spend the time and money do it in a manner that the next person buying your house would consider it finished. Your concept while looking nice wouldn't be considered finished. One vote drywall. I don't subscribe to the notion of creating a list of things you would have to change to list a house for sale because when the time comes you won't have the time.
If this is a one row theater, why have a riser? Step looks a little shallow for my size 12s. Measure from the front edge of the top lip to the edge of the step. The portion under the lip doesn't count in step depth in this kind of design. Just a thought if you want a riser because it looks neat why not lower it and skip the step. If you order certain Paliser models they come with lighted bases which will give you the same effect as your rope light. as mentioned round...
And just another gotcha, screwing drywall tight to the studs will never perform as well as using an isolation method, It would be better to rip down the existing drywall which is probably 1/2 inch and then rebuild with 2 layers of 5/8 with GG on a clip and channel system. There have been many unhappy builders who directly appied drywall to the studs and even with GG were unhappy with the results. Your material costs will be about the same as adding the Quietrock with GG
Just another option, on many projects we used a receiver and a 5 channel amp. We only used the receiver for a few surround channels but the amp was assigned duty driving the fronts and sides. Often receivers with the sound processing and HDMI switching capabilities are cheaper than the same capability in a pre-amp. In my setup I'm not using any of the receiver's amps.
Correct, there was no reason to make the door superior to the rest of the soundproofing in place.
I was referring to the unseen cradle, soffit and crown
if you leave the area behind the crown white (primer) it will act as a better reflector for the rope light and help reduce hot spots in the light pattern.
it's up to you. Do you want to get the last 5% out of your chosen design?
this room is a single layer of DW (Builders special) , we didn't treat the gap or the bottoms of the door for obvious reasons.
A loud room has nothing to do with soundproofing. It has to do with room acoustics and putting sound absorbing panels on the walls and ceiling is a smart move. Here are a couple of vendors http://www.gikacoustics.com/product/gik-acoustics-242-acoustic-panel/ http://www.atsacoustics.com/ both of the those vendors offer art panels which are printed fabric in front of 2-4 inches of acoustical absorbent material. If your budget is tight find a local source for Owens...
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