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Don't leave yet we are just getting this party started.
Take a handy chair and place it 24 inches from a wall, are you comfortable walking in that gap? It is different for everyone. Another trick is to cheat a little, if one side of the room will be the normal walkway leave that at 28 inches and the other at 20
I've been bringing wires into the theater for some time and caulking around them with acoustical caulk. Yes it does help with soundproofing. Behind the screen wall you can mount a surface mounted box, no problem. In the open theater I often stick the outlets in the side of columns. On the side least visible.
Brad I would get the dimensions the same place you can, I've listed the critical dimensions in the build thread and the theater of the month article. From memory screen wall to wall is two feet, riser is 11 1/2 ft from the screen, bar is 6 1/2 ft from the front edge of the riser, room size on the first page of the build thread. I think his first row of seating was 120 wide the second 126.
no free pass
what will be your seating configuration and distance to screen?
looks good
It is the easiest to build and wire.
You look at some of his completed theater designs and then without knowing all the details of the actual science you copy it crossing your fingers that it just might actually work.
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