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you are forgetting Peanut Butter: http://www.avsforum.com/t/785359/green-glue-vs-peanut-butter/0_40
You can set the live load to the lowest value 10 in that calculator. I see 2x6s 12 inches OC will work. Can't you put the new joists between the existing joists? You only need an inch of clearance below the sub floor above. A picture of your current ceiling joists would help.
stc of 17 is pretty whimpy
whoa. first just so you know MSR lumber is not what you pick up at the big boxes, You need to find a local vendor that carries the certified lumber. Or use a table that matches the available lumber. second a double 5/8 drywall ceiling with green glue exceeds your 5 lbs sq ft of dead load standard. you need to use a 10 lb table. You can't add the dead and live together. You may need larger lumber
Theo, I have enjoyed your work over the years, many times I've looked at the pictures of your more ornate palaces and wondered "how did they do that"? You personal space is clearly the one out of your portfolio I would pick for myself, I hope you stick around in this forum beyond the life of this thread and offer suggestions to theater builders from time to time.
How committed are you to that fireplace? There is no place in a three row dedicated theater for a fireplace. Cover it up.
the basic design service from the Erskine Group may be perfect for you. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1518623/erskine-group-layout-service-is-back/0_40 with that door in the middle of the back wall, your desire for a three row theater is severely compromised unless you would consider a sit at bar for the third row and change the swing direction of the door. Best solution is to eliminate that door altogether if you can.
there are a variety of other black speaker covering fabrics on the market. Parts Express and Joanne Fabrics both have a black.
that window framing is something else, maybe the builder decided to install smaller windows mid project. Inspect the shingles and look for small holes, I had the exact problem at my house over the garage and after trying to seal the holes ended up having it re-roofed. I suspect was caused by careless painters who dug their ladders into roof to paint the second story.
I'm not happy seeing 2x4 ceiling joists they look to be about 16 inches on center. http://www.awc.org/calculators/span/calc/timbercalcstyle.asp?species=Spruce-Pine-Fir&size=2x4&grade=No.+1&member=Ceiling+Joists&deflectionlimit=L%2F360&spacing=16&wet=No&incised=No&liveload=20&snowload=-1&deadload=10&submit=Calculate+Maximum+Horizontal+Span#answer you will need to beef up that structure unless your room is less than 7 1/2 ft wide. It they are 2x6s you are good to 11'9".
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