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So, you didn't celebrate Tuesday's Blood Moon with a Blood Eagle? Right?
Series took an interesting turn that I had long forecast last night. The 2nd machine is now on line and as expected will be used to ferret out Finch's flock for extermination. Machine shoulda tasked Root with eliminating the congress critter; she enjoys that stuff. Shaw's gone soft.
Producer had commented elsewhere that the actor portraying the black member of the family gang had a big role but quit early so they had to re-write a couple episodes on the fly.
LE being "flawed" is very Elmore. The Raylan/Boyd juxtaposition and "there by the grace of God" or some such duality of the two is a recurring theme of every season. Who can forget that almost every time Raylan & Boyd meet, Boyd taunts Raylan saying "You're no different from me." This is not news. What ever shady business LE did or did not do here is a molehill compared to the mountain of Raylan's deliberate instigation of murder that ended one season.Where the writing...
YesAlso courts have upheld that it is OK for law enforcement to lie to people. I see nothing here with Ava that is "illegal" for LE to be doing.
There's a blood moon tonight. Any Nordics here up for a blood eagle celebration?
It's worth the Amazon $, otherwise you'll have little idea what's going on in Episode 2
It's really very simple people. Just go back in time to before the episodes air and set your DVRs properly to record them. Next problem?
The devil's in the details
So unlike LOST's "what happened, happened" we have branching timelines here.
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